I’ve been trying to use OneCell, but I keep having errors trying to set it up to handle a mutable vector that I can push to.

I know there’s going to be some answers telling me maybe not to use a singleton, but the alternative of passing a vector all around throughout my code is not ergonmic at all.

I’ve tried lots of things, but this is where I’m at right now. Specifically I’m just having trouble initializing it.


  • Stores a vec of Strings that is added to throughout the algorithm with information to report
  • To the end user and developer */ pub static LOG_CELL: OnceLock<&mut Vec> = OnceLock::new();

pub fn set_log() { LOG_CELL.set(Vec::new()); }

pub fn push_log(message: String) { if let Some(vec_of_messages) = LOG_CELL.get() { let something = *vec_of_messages; something.push(message); } } `

  • ActuallyRuben
    26 months ago

    Can’t you just use the get_or_init method instead of get inside the push_log method? This would initialize the cell on first use. You’d still need a Mutex inside of it to acquire a mutable reference to the vector.