Lets say someone sent me a link to this post on lemmy.ml.
If I click the little federation-link-hexagon-thing button I’m redirected to the same post but on OPs home instance of feddit.uk.
Is there a way to jump to the post on my home instance instead?
The post number differs between instances, so you can’t just replace the instance in the URL.
I tried doing something similar to how community URLs work:

But it don’t seem to work…
I know you’re supposed to browse things from your home instance, but people sometimes link posts in the comments and the only way I found to interact with them is to go back and manually search for them from my instance.

  • ActuallyRuben
    28 months ago

    Copy the link from the federation-link-hexagon-thing button and paste it into the search bar on your instance. The post should get fetched, and should show up as a result.