I’m looking to wind up a lemmy instance for a subreddit that I mod that gets something like 1000 daily visitors. We mainly share photos, though daily visitors greatly outweighs active users. It would additionally not be federated. For personal security reasons, and home networking limitations, I want to find a web host. Could anyone suggest one of the many hosts out there would work best for someone in the US, won’t drive me to the poor house, and can support these needs? I can afford like $40/month, or can buy years in advance if it’s a good deal.

  • ActuallyRuben
    18 months ago

    Is there a reason you don’t want it to be federated? This would require every user to make a separate account, just to access your community, instead of being able to join and post using accounts from other instances.

    Additionally creating an instance for just a single subreddit/community seems overkill. Have you considered creating a community on an existing instance?